Customer Testimonials

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  • When we set up InTallaght, we kitted the office out with iMacs and MacBook Pros so we were looking for Tech Support from a company that specialised in Mac. The guys at were on hand to do the initial set up and have have invaluable when we encountered any issues, either with hardware or software. They really know their stuff and they are our first port of call when something goes awry with our Macs. They are efficient, affordable and reliable.
    InTallaght Magazine

  • Rathnam and the lads at have kept my white plastic MacBook going for over 6 years at this stage. At different times they’ve upgraded RAM, replaced the keyboard when I spilt tea on it, and cleaned out its innards to make the fan run more efficiently. They’re always friendly and give the best practical advice when it comes to what’s worth doing on an old machine. I’d recommend them to anyone who is having problems with their Mac.
    Gwen Taylour