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Failing hard drive?  Important data at risk?'s data recovery service is the answer!  Our experienced Apple Independent Repair technicians will attempt to recover the files on your hard drive, using all hardware and software tools available. can also replace your failing drive with a brand new hard drive if neccessary.'s data recovery services offer what we believe to be the best value in Apple data recovery services anywhere.  Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the recovery and the technician time required.  If we are not able to recover the files from the failing drive there is no charge for the recovery attempt.

There are three scenarios to hard drive data recovery. When you send a drive to us we start with the least invasive scenario first then move on to the more complicated options if needed.

Software Data Recovery

This recovery is conducted by our experienced technicians. If the drive is detected by a secondary computer then data recovery software can be used to recover the data .

Typical time frame: 48 hours. Labour charge is €99 - €350

PCB and/or Controller Board Data Recovery

Firmware/Translater and other circuit board issues. All hard drives have circuit boards with firmware, translators, eproms and other integrated circuits. These parts can lose their programming, gennerally they burn out or become corrupted. When this happens specialized tools are required to re-program the boards and recover the data.

Typical time frame: 2 to 14 Business Days. Labour charge is €450 - €850 | We might require donor parts (approx €100 - €150 approx)

Clean Room or Physical Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drives have many moving parts such as heads, motors, actuator arms etc. When these components physically break it causes the data loss. Our data recovery experts have a Class 100 Clean Room. In this environment the drive can be inspected and damaged components can be replaced. After this an image is created. We then conduct a data recovery off the image and put the recovered data onto a new drive. You can either provide the drive or buy one of us.

Typical time frame: 10 to 14 Business Days. Labour charge is €1300 | We might require donor parts (approx €100 - €150 approx)

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We respond to online requests promptly during regular business hours.  If you require immediate assistance feel free to call us during business hours at 01 44 33 230.